4 Tips for Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health Tips…

  1. Remember your not alone!
  2. It can be overcome!
  3. Remember tips 1 and 2!
  4. You already have all the tools you need for tips 1 through 3…

It’s not unusual for us to forget how powerful we are in times that are hard. If you have ever been depressed. You might be familiar with how hard it can be to remember to positive aspects of your life. More often than not it’s more like a distant memory of something your not sure even existed. I’ve definitely been there myself, so I know how it feels. What is often overlooked when you’re in this state of mind is how normal it is to feel this way. Which you can attribute to what is called mood-congruent memory. What this means is that we have a tendency to remember the things that are congruent to our mood. As a result, when we are in a depressive state we will recall memories that were made while in a similar state previously. Makes sense if you have ever said to yourself, “Why am I always depressed?”, or, “I feel like this will never give.” The following figure gives you an example of how that works out.

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